This Week at Wayne Zion

Sunday  Feb. 10th                Bible Study 8am

                                               Worship  9am with Guest Doc McCaulley

                                               Fellowship 10:15am

                                               Education Hour 10:15am

Tuesday Feb. 11th               Quilters 9am  (cancelled due to weather)

                                              Staff Meeting 11am

                                              Church Council 7pm 
                                              (Rescheduled to February 19th)

Wednesday Feb. 13th          NO WORSHIP  
                                               Confirmation Faith Formation 7pm
                                               Bell Choir 7pm

Thursday Feb. 14th             Cedar River Forum (Holly)                                     

Friday Feb. 15th                   High School Youth Group Java Jones 7am

                                               Days for Girls 9am

Sunday  Feb. 10th                Bible Study 8am

                                               Worship  9am 

                                               Fellowship 10:15am

                                               Education Hour 10:15am




The Church council meeting scheduled for Tuesday February 12th has 

been rescheduled for Tuesday February 19th at 7pm.  The youth council

will meet at 6pm on February 19th.   

Did you know that the Sunday School Students choose where the 

coin offering will go each month?  This month the coin offering will go to 

support the Ronald McDonald house at St. Luke's hospital.

We need mentors for our Confirmation youth during Lent!  Please 

contact Holly if you are interested.

Weekly Church Service (Sunday)

9:00 - 10:00 am - Worship (Communion 1st and 3rd Sundays)

10:00 am - Fellowship & Coffee 

Church Service (Wednesday)

6:00 pm - Worship with Communion

We record our worship service every week and upload them to our SoundCloud page.   

Click here to listen to past Worship services.

Wayne Zion Lutheran Church
15531 Co. Rd. E17 
Monticello IA 52310

Phone: 319-465-4834

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Anna Husmann Scholarship forms are due 
March 1, 2019.

Anna Husmann Scholarship Application 2019